altra Majesty BC Gryfion incl. attacchi
altra - Majesty BC Gryfion incl. attacchi
altra Majesty BC Gryfion incl. attacchi
Anno acquisto: 2010
€ 250,00

Majesty BC Gryfion
Sci tenuto bene ed in ottime condizioni.
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Prezzo listino nuovo: 619
Prezzo listino attacchi: 249
Stagione 2009/10
Dedicazione: Freeride
Dimensioni: 134-99-124
Radius: 20,3 m
Camber: Normale
Core: woodcore with carbon and kevlar stringers
Base: High Quality Base
Shock Absorbers
Edges: 1,8mm
Extra: finished with a synthetic leather with white and golden prints

The Gryfion BC skis are you looking for. When you need a device to go off track in peuf or face wild kick, skiing is that you need. The thickness and the high quality soles give you the speed in all conditions. The 99mm to skate are ideal for snow as for the concrete peuf deep. Now you have the equipment to draw universal curves fast freeride and send you into the air kicks on off-track.

Double Layer Woodcore: two kinds of wood provide perfect flex and extreme durability.
Ultra Light Woodcore: it provides weight savings.
Carbon-Cevlar Fiber Stringers: fiber stringers from tip to tail give increased pop and long life flex.
High Quality Base: the unusual thick and race specific base is a perfect mix of durability and speed.
90' ABS Sidewall: the toughest construction that keeps your edges stronger and safer.
Shock Absorbers: tips, tail and binding section have extra protection for core structure.
Leather Top: the Gryphons are equippet whith special impregnated leather tops.
Versality: need to change skis leaving park or BC? Not anymore!
99m Waist: for control and stability in deep pow.

Inserzionista: Eviva Sports, Appiano - Italy
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